Oh No! It’s the two of us…..TOGETHER!

It’s alive……it’s freakin’ alive…..never thought I would ever use that sentence in my life! But I did….for my blog baby. Oops! Our blog baby. That’s right…this bad boy has been conceived by the two of us…Riley (that’s me) and Kylie (my ami)…for all the wrong reasons! We’re like a comic strip come alive. For each other, we’re like the sound of the phone ringing, or the cute boy asking you out, or even getting that A+ on that wretched Math assignment – basically, everything we, as teens, could ask for!

Some people say we’re in a relationship. Let me assure you that we’re not! But together we create quite the same magic as Laurel and Hardy, Simon and Garfunkel or even Navjyot Singh Siddhu and his incessant laughter. Basically, we just have fun. And in this blog, we chronicle our escapades together and share the fun…I add my jovialism and Kylie mixes in her boisterousness to take you on a fun ride…..Hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to “Oh No! It’s the two of us…..TOGETHER!”

  1. Crazyblogger Says:

    Hi, I’m an experienced blogger and was looking for some subtle humour when I came across your blog. It seems you two are still new to blogging but I liked your first post and the fun and energy you have tried to put into the entire blog. Keep blogging. It will be interesting to read your views and posts.
    Best of luck for your ‘blogging future’.

  2. kylie- perpetually bored Says:

    Umm… we are not exactly new to blogosphere, dear ‘experienced blogger’. We both have our personal blogs, and have ‘been there, done that’; but this time we wanted to create the magic TOGETHER! Hence this bloggie baby… ohh.. he just puked!
    Riley.. take care o’ the baby dear!

    Keep visiting.

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